Name: Marilyn Fan
Bank: Volksbank Wien
IBAN: AT184300026100041958



Actress Babsy Artner is a huge Marilyn Monroe fan and acclaimed as one of the world’s best Marilyn Monroe look-alikes.
As a teenager it was discovered that she not only looked like Marilyn, but could sing and pose like the legendary movie star as well. Since then she has portrayed Marilyn Monroe worldwide in commercials, on television and on stage.

Her performances as Marilyn include

• a TV pilot with Pat Boone, partially shot in Marilyn Monroe’s former house in Beverly Hills
• a promotional video for the Eurovision Song Contest, aired on TV in Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, China and Canada
• a cover version of Marilyn’s song Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
• talent contests and awards for “Best Marilyn Monroe look-alike”
• live appearances (with Marcus Schenkenberg, Bonnie Tyler, and many more)
• art exhibitions (such as Marilyn - Life of a legend in London) and portraits by contemporary artists (Arnulf Rainer paintings)
• print advertisements

Furthermore Babsy Artner won an award as a writer for a short story by a local newspaper company. The award was given to her by Charlton Heston.

As a producer Babsy won twice an audience award in Vienna, Austria for her Bollywood videos.

Marilyn Fan - The Movie is her first professional short film production.

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